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The most desirable suburbs are often the most tightly held.
Expand your options by reaching the properties that are not listed for sale and make your own market.

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How NOKK works

NOKK is different to traditional realestate listings webites. We don’t reveal individual properties because the huge number of homes on our database aren’t marked as ‘for sale’ in the traditional sense.

Instead, we enable you to directly contact homeowners that are open to an off-market sale. If you find an appropriate and interested property owner, we share the full details of the property at that point.

Search a suburb
or postcode

Use our powerful search algorithm to explore our vast database of over 7 million properties. Specify the suburb or postcode and easily narrow your search, filtering by property type, number of bedrooms, land size, car spaces and swimming pool availability.

Connect with homeowners

Send tailored emails to as many properties as you choose in the suburbs you like and make contact with interested homeowners, keen to sell their homes through an alternative, off-market approach.

Purchase properties

Talk directly with the homeowner through the safety of the NOKK platform. Share details of the property and purchase directly from the property owner or via an agent, whicherver works best for you.


”I know where
the smart buyers are.”

Watching the classified properties like everyone else and missing out amongst the crowds, or contact off market properties directly? I know where the smart buyers are.


”I wish companies like
Nokk were available earlier.”

I bought and sold a few properties in my time, recently is the first time I found a property off market. The places I found off market were better suited to my means and my needs. – and better than what was available on the public listings. I wish companies like Nokk were available earlier.

Find stunning properties across Australia.

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Buyers Benefits

Explore thousands of pre-market properties

The location you want to buy may only have a handful of properties listed for sale yet may have hundreds of properties that match your criteria. Get ahead of other buyers and reach the owners of these off market properties on NOKK.

Homeowner benefits

You could save on agent fees and get more for your property.

You can find out what your property is worth by hearing out motivated buyers and in privacy. You could also save ten of thousands of dollars by negotiating directly and striking your own deal.

Find stunning properties across Australia.

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Choose from a range of packages.
We’ll contact homeowners with properties that match your specified search criteria.
The more properties you NOKK, the higher the chance of finding the right one.

Properties package
+ Extra 30% Nokks

This basic will help you get started and test the market.

We will digitally NOKK on your behalf 70 properties that match your selected criteria.

These will be direct emails selected by you to the residents/owners of 70 properties that we identify as a right match.

As a first time customer we are offering you 30% extra NOKKS at no extra price.

Good luck!

Properties package
+ Extra 30% Nokks

This is our most popular package.

It allows you to target a larger number of opportunities and digitally NOKK on 200 properties for just $99.

These will be direct emails, selected by you, to the residents/owners of 200 properties that match you selected criteria By NOKKING on more doors, you will increase the chance of finding the place you always wanted at the right price.

As a first time customer we are offering you 30% extra NOKKS at no extra price. Good luck!

Properties package
+ Extra 30% Nokks

This is our biggest and best value package.

It empowers you to make digital contact with the maximum number of property residents/owners and NOKK on 500 properties that match your criteria for just $199.

These NOKKs will be emails selected by you and sent to targeted owners of matching properties that are off market. This package will help you create your own market and find the right place at the right price.

And as a first time customer we are offering you a 30% bonus at no charge. Good luck!



Choose from a range of packages.
We’ll contact homeowners with properties that match your specified search criteria.

What is an Off Market Property?
An off-market sale is a term used to define a property that is selling, or has already been sold, without any public advertising.
What if the owner of the property has not considered selling the property?
Most properties fall into this category. A property owner can always respond to an opportunity and sell at the right price. That is where NOKK sees the opportunity for property buyers.
Should I sell off market?
There are many reasons to sell off market. One is an unexpected opportunity that comes knocking. A motivated buyer can make a particularly attractive offer for the right property. The anonymity of selling a home off market is often attractive to anyone with a high profile.
Owners with tricky families or neighbours sometimes see value in keeping the home’s sale out of the public eye.
Speed is another reason to sell off market. The property can sometimes be sold faster freeing vendors to attend to other priorities.
What are the advantages of selling a home off market?
A better price. You might get lucky and find value that others can not see, or negotiate superior terms with a motivated buyer. A quick sale – if priced keenly. Better and more terms and conditions. When a vendor wants a low-key sale, the quickie sale is often subject to more conditions including shorter settlement periods, bigger deposits, or inclusive of any building faults
What are the disadvantages of selling off market?
The vendor may not be able to sufficiently test the market, and that can lead to uncertainty about securing the best possible price. One way to mitigate that is to engage with a number of off market buyers through NOKK.
How does NOKK work?
NOKK searches its database to identify homes that match your search criteria. You then decide how many homes you would like to NOKK. We then make digital contact with the owners of record on our database on your behalf and help arrange a direct conversation between you and the owner. We then get out of the way and allow you to negotiate directly with the owner of a property the general market doesn't know is for sale.
How much does it cost to use NOKK?
It depends how many homes you NOKK. If you want to contact more homes you just purchase a larger pack of NOKKs.
What is a NOKK?
A NOKK is a digital knock on the door. It is a digital contact with the owner of a property that matches your search criteria on your behalf. We take classifieds and even some agents out of the equation and empowers you.
What parts of Australia does NOKK cover?
NOKK covers all of Australia.
What happens if NOKK can not find 100 records that match my search criteria?
We will contact the records we do have for $49.
Can I inspect a property before making an offer?
Yes, however you will need to discuss directly with the owner.
How do I know what is a fair price?
NOKK is not an agent or a valuer, however NOKK can refer you to vetted providers that provide free price guides based on a number of metrics including comparable sales, the area’s median price and market expectations. Please contact NOKK if you need further guidance. 1800 13NOKK(6655) or
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